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Tutorial on Making Your Own Website

There is 2 ways to make your own web:

1. You can decide to create your own website from scratch. This is much more flexible because you can design your own layout of your website from scratch, according to your wishes. However, if this is too hard for you I suggest you choose the second option

2. Creating a website with an existing template. You can do this by making a blog template by using the facilities provided by these blog service providers, such as www.blogger.com. The second option you create a professional website with an existing template. I’ll explain this later, ‘make a website with a template that already exists’. ”

Follow me because I will teach you the steps to make and design a website with front page.

1. The first thing you should do before you make a website is to determine the purpose of your website creation. Is your website intended to introduce the products, introduces the organization, providing introductory information or just yourself (personal web page).

2. Download for free web template from this site.


a. Once you open the website above, look at the right sidebar text bottom “free website templates”

b. Click on the text

c. In category css-simple, click view all text templates

d. Choose by clicking one of the templates

e. Then download

f. Extract all the files you have downloaded with winrar program

3. Open up your frontpage program (or NVU), Select the file – open – browse the files you have downloaded earlier, look for the index.html file in the html folder, then open.

4. Replace the existing text and images with text and images you want, by selecting text or image you’d like to change.

5. Then choose File – Save as in the top toolbar

6. Save your files with the same name, which is index.html (must) but put it on a different folder

7. You are ready to publish / put online your website you have created

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